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Natural Therapies for Headaches & Migraines

So many people suffer from headaches and migraines and there are many causes such as stress, seasonal allergies, hormonal changes but there are things you can do to help such as natural therapies and other suggestions I cover in this post. I hope some of them resonate and work for you if you do suffer. So, let’s get into some info on headaches and migraines, and the differences!

In a nutshell, a headache is described as the pain in the head located above the eyes and the ears, behind the head, or at the back of the upper neck and a migraine, on the other hand, refers to a much more painful headache. References with regards to migraine include the throbbing of one or both areas in the head (bilateral), sensitivity to light (photophobia), sounds (phonophobia), and smell, nausea, vomiting, sleep disruption, and even depression.


A migraine is a sub-type of vascular headache characterized by periodic unilateral pulsating headaches which begin in childhood, adolescence, or early adult life and reoccur with diminishing frequency during advancing years. Migraine episodes may be associated with alterations in cerebral blood flow. The veins in the back of the neck become constricted which disables blood flow to the neck and head. They can be one-sided throbbing pain, (In 40% of cases the pain can occur of both sides of the head) and are often accompanied by nausea and vomiting, possibly tremor and dizziness.

A migraine begins in the stomach strange as that sounds, people will feel nauseated, some will even vomit. Many will have anti-nausea medication to take that will help lessen the effects of the migraine.

For some, they start as a Headache and then within 2 or 3 hours or less turn into a full-blown migraine. For some they can take medications to delay the onset of a migraine or perhaps lessen the intensity of a migraine. Most usually know and can feel a migraine coming on and can arrive home safely, or get to their medications, or natural remedies and find a quiet place to relax or sleep and do what they need to, to help themselves through the pain of the migraine headache. The scalp becomes very painful and very tender, some are very sensitive to light and noise and need be in a darkened room and must sleep it off. Having a migraine can also affect the peripheral vision.

What causes Migraines:

There are many reasons, here are a few common ones:

  • The environment/allergies
  • A change in the barometric pressure
  • Hormonal changes such as after child birth
  • A concussion

Some Natural Remedies:

  • Essential Oils. Peppermint essential oil, on the back of the neck may help. If you do not have a source for quality essential oils I can special order through All Things Holistic, a local business that has over 500 Essential Oils in any size you need!
  • One person I personally know she puts a cool cloth on the back of her neck, this actually helps to relax the blood vessels and the muscles. She also, very gently massages her temples and brow area. Both self massage and acupressure can be very helpful.


What is a Headache:

About 90% of Headaches are classified as muscle contractions or more commonly known as a Tension Headache. Could be called a pain in the head, the pain could be in just 1 or 2 parts of the head or the entire head itself could hurt.  During a Headache, the areas that are typically affected are the forehead, the sinuses, possibly the ears and jaw and most definitely the neck.

What Causes Headaches:

  • Headaches occur in response to certain drugs, physical conditions and stress.
  • If you have seasonal allergies, hay fever or have sensitivities to certain things in the house or outside this in itself could bring on congestion which will swell the sinuses and apply pressure to them which could trigger a headache.

Some Useful Suggestions:

  • Have a Reflexology treatment
  • Use a Vinegar cloth on your forehead
  • Warm Epsom Salt Bath
  • Exercise as a preventive as you are releasing your stress
  • Do some deep breathing Its a great tension reliever. To do correctly your tummy should be moving more than your chest
  • You could also do a bit of acupressure on the web area between your thumb and forefinger press and release a number of times or massage area with pressure-you should feel pain there. Doing this can actually reduce pain from a headache
  • White Willow Bark-herb can help decrease tension, headaches and fever
  • Feverfew helps when in pain especially migraines
  • Goldenseal-helps clean digestive tract where headaches can start
  • Hops- relaxes nerves and calms pain
  • Vitamin A-can heal mucus membranes
  • B Complex with extra niacin, B-15 relaxes muscles
  • All Things Holistic makes a Pine & Peppermint Headache Salve you can purchase from me that helps to ease the pain using the power of herbs.


What is a Sinus Headache?

The sinus and nasal cavities in the forehead and cheek areas of the face become filled with congestion or pressure and you feel the pain. You may also feel pressure in your ears causing pain. Your Head and scalp may feel sore and tender and the back of your neck may also be affected.

These can occur occasionally, or during seasonal allergies, or when the barometric pressure changes or during stressful times. Sometimes a headache will start after being outside in the sun and heat

Some Natural Suggestions:

  • Reflexology is very helpful and my favourite when I have a sinus headache is Head Reflexology-It helps very much takes away and diminishes the pain of the pressure and congestion although foot and hand reflexology can help just as much!
  • Get yourself a basin of hot water and place menthol crystal in the water, let dissolve and then place a towel over your head and breath in the steamy menthol water 5 or 10 minutes
  • Rub Olive oil over and below your eyes and inhale
  • Squeeze some lemon in water and drink
  • Vacuum air vents, mattress, air out pillows or wash them
  • Spider plants filter the air
  • 2 Herbs you may like to try are Slippery Elm another Fenugreek
  • Another suggestion try sniffing salt water-could help to clear sinuses
  • Essential Oils – There are several essential oils that can help with sinus headaches. I always have Phytorx Sinus blend on hand to both use in my treatments and for sale for use at home.

How Natural Therapies Can Help

Being a Reflexologist giving you a treatment for a headache or a Migraine I would focus

on the head, neck, shoulders, sinus area the tailbone and spine. All these areas and more can be affected and believe it or not having a tailbone or spine injury can cause a headache or migraine. Reflexology focuses on healing in the body by activating different reflex points found in the hands and feet. Pressing on the different points in the hands and feet causes reflex responses in corresponding parts of the body, which can help promote healing in the entire body.

I know that when it comes to headaches, migraines and sinus headaches that there is also an emotional component to them. When I use The Emotion Code or Reflexology or Integrated Energy Therapy or even Reiki clients feel better on all levels physically, mentally and emotionally and spiritually. More times than not the pain of the headache or migraine is reduced quite a bit.

To help to diminish your headaches and migraines I have 3 Combo Package Suggestions that are sure to help you to lessen your stress and pain and to help you to really relax. I encourage you to look into them and to possibly purchase one that will really help you. If you are not sure which one to choose, let’s have a chat and I can help. You can also read more about each treatment on my website!

  • Reflexology and the Emotion Code
  • Reiki and Reflexology
  • Integrated Energy Therapy and Reflexology

I suggest having these combo treatments every 2 or 3 weeks as long as needed to reduce and release your headaches or migraines.

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