It sounds strange and how could that be, how could it work and how could it be the same as in person? Clients often say, I like hands on treatments. These are all very reasonable reactions that I have heard and everyone is entitled to their opinions.

I will answer these concerns and put your mind at ease

You are right, It does sound strange, how could it work and be the same as in person, First of all I do have the training and experience to be able to treat clients at a distance, its fun and I really enjoy treating at a distance, Through these modalities, many people do feel better and get better. The treatments that I offer at a distance so far, are Integrated Energy Therapy, Reiki and The Emotion Code. These treatments I have been doing for clients, family and friends for a long time. Everyone that I have treated in this way has felt wonderful, lighter, less pain, less depression, content at peace, relaxed and has truly benefited from having treatments at a distance. Some do feel warmth, or tingling and some see images and or colours in their minds eye and they do go into a deep state of relaxation. Though I am not physically there, they feel almost as much if I were there.

How it works with IET and Reiki I set my intentions and work on what is troubling you the most, so over the phone you will let me know what is going on and then we hang up. You put some relaxing sound music on and lay down and rest your eyes. Then the treatment starts. I touch certain areas on the body in person and at a distance, I work from a diagram. The energy of IET and Reiki may put you into a deep state of relaxation, some will actually fall asleep and always when the treatment has been completed, the client feels better. I do call the client back and see how he or she is feeling and what was felt and released. Usually the client feels better, relaxed, sometimes lighter, sometimes tired and sometimes brighter and energised and if the client has pain or depression or anxiety or some other issue by having one of these treatments their issue will lessen. It is so incredible it still amazes me! I am just the tool, once the blockages begin to release your body starts the healing process and the effects of the treatment continues to work for a few to several days.

The Emotion Code

We are all energy and emotional beings and when we get really upset or angry or hurt or go through loss or traumas or changes in our lives the emotions we feel at the moment become trapped and once released we feel better, lighter, happy and content though usually right after one of these treatments you might feel tired or drained for a time and usually relaxed.

We are on the phone the entire time talking and through talking and asking questions of your subconscious mind, we clear trapped emotions and imbalances. These trapped emotions are negative energies which can cause all sorts problems e.g. Pain, depression, diseases, migraines, headaches, sinus conditions, low energy, tired, insomnia and much more.

If you were to come for a treatment of The Emotion Code, I would use a magnet down your spin to release and if done at a distance I would use the magnet down my spin and the emotion/s or imbalance would be released from you. The emotion or imbalance is negative energy and the magnet is positive energy, therefore it is easily released

It is so amazing how The Emotion Code works in person and over the phone. It works quickly and is very helpful to everyone who has this therapy to get better and to heal.

Having virtual treatments, and over the phone is convenient, and helpful especially if you are out of town, in a different province or country. Plus, it is safe for you and the practitioner treating you. You need only set up a day and time that will be right for both client and practitioner. 

I do hope that my explanation of how these therapies can work at a distance has set your mind at ease and has piqued your interest in having treatments at a distance. More details can be found here.

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