Now that I have your attention, I would love to chat with you and share why treatments at a distance work and how they can be just as effective as in-person hands on treatments!

Back in the spring during the worst part of the pandemic and social distancing I saw how much harm the pandemic and social distancing was doing to our health in many ways and it still is. Many people live in fear and have much anxiety, pain and depression and are stressed to the max! It is affecting people of all ages from teenagers to seniors including those who live alone. The pandemic has affected all of us in one way or another or in many ways.

During the lock down no one was able to go to an appointment so everyone missed out on getting help and relaxation and it caught up to many people. All the stress due to this challenging can lead to stress, anxiety and illness.

I knew that I needed be flexible and able to offer a variety of therapies and in ways that could benefit the clients so shortly after the pandemic hit I started to promote my treatments over the phone for those who did not feel comfortable going out.

I have been doing treatments at a distance since I started treating clients with Integrated Energy Therapy, for about 10 or 11 years now. People are generally more relaxed, and more comfortable in their homes and I really enjoy it. We decide on a day and time and which treatment and what we will work on clearing. Three of the therapies that I offer the client would be laying down, listening to relaxing music in a quiet area of their home. The 4th therapy I offer we are on the phone doing the treatment. Over the years several of my clients have experienced treatments at a distance and have had good benefits and results. They have been quite pleased with the process of having treatments at home and feeling better for having had their treatment.

Here’s what one client has to say:

I do prefer distance treatments, it’s convenient and I can stay home and feel the treatment helping me. I usually have a treatment due to pain issues; I feel relaxed during the treatment and once the treatment is over, I feel better for having It. Pain relief Is key. Thanks Mary

So, if you are not comfortable during this challenging time, live too far away, do not drive or you are just not feeling well enough chances are that you likely would not make an appointment and would miss out on enjoying having some stress relief, pain relief or just relaxing and being pampered but there is a solution!

Treatments at a distance give you the opportunity to look after your wellness needs without leaving the comfort of your home! Having a treatment in your home can help you stay focused on your wellness and you will feel better, be more relaxed and you will be so glad that you did!

Here is a bit of an explanation on how and why treatments at a distance work:

The practitioner while being trained learns how and what to do while giving a treatment at a distance, so that the client will feel the results and benefits of having a treatment at a distance but a big part of what makes distance healing so effective is believing and being open to distance treatments and having faith and believing in your practitioner.

When I begin a treatment on a client whether it is in person or at a distance, I put my intentions in, for example; pain relief or less anxiety or less stress or to feel better and then the treatment begins.

Depending on which treatment you are having you may be laying down relaxing and listening to natural sounds music, you may even fall asleep, that in itself is a sign that you are in a deep state of relaxation and when your body and mind are relaxed like that, healing can begin.

Here are some benefits of having treatments with Wellness Solutions with Mary

Pain relief, feel relaxed, lighter, stress lifted, feel better on all levels physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Feel calm, at peace, feel really good, Insomnia lessens and are able to sleep at night, are able to make changes and decisions in their lives, are more energetic and generally feel well, and so much more.

But don’t take my word for it, here is what some of my clients that I treat at a distance say about their treatments:

I live in a different city and it wouldn’t be feasible to travel to Wellness Solutions with Mary to have regular in person treatments. I am very comfortable and relaxed in my home while having a treatment over the phone at a distance. Depending on the treatment type that I am having as I have had most of them including Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), The Emotion Code, Reflexology and sometimes Reiki, I may feel some warmth and or tingling, I sometimes fall asleep as well. If I am having the Emotion Code treatment after a while, I begin to feel better, lighter, relaxed, sometimes tired, and at peace. This is proof that the treatments work at a distance. I get a lot of benefits and results from having treatments at a distance, as well, I really enjoy them. I know that these treatments help me to heal and feel well. It is much better to have treatments at a distance than not all. I do recommend Mary’s services


 I’ve been a client of Mary’s for a few years now. I enjoy receiving her services at a distance. I’ve had both Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) & The Emotion Code done this way. I love these treatments and I love that I don’t have to leave the house and it always puts me in a relaxed state. I recommend Mary’s services.  After a treatment I usually feel relaxed and better. Some results that I have had from having treatments with Mary over the last few years, include but not limited to:

Feeling lighter, better, less pain, emotionally better, felt relaxed, really tired, at peace, felt better the next day, had lots of energy and no pain and more positive. These are benefits from having distance treatments, it really does work, Try it for yourself.


I have never had a distance treatment before nor have I had Reflexology but It was offered to me and I was in much pain with my back, I couldn’t stand up straight and it took me a while to get up from a sitting or laying position to standing. I was surprised the treatment relaxed me so much that I almost fell asleep, I also felt tingling in my feet a couple different times. After the treatment I felt better and position was able to get up quickly with ease and without pain! I was able to stand up straight and walk normally. Reflexology really does work at a distance, thanks Mary

As you have read and from what my clients say treatments at a distance works just as well and you feel really good positive results. I encourage you to have a distance treatment or treatments with me so that You too can experience the benefits and results and start feeling better!

I hope to treat you soon so you can reap the benefits of distance treatments!

Have a treatment and see for yourself. You won’t regret it!

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