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How Reflexology Can Help You and Your Heath

Reflexology is one of the most widely used therapies and most successful therapies for most conditions and diseases today. Reflexology is also known as Zone Therapy, Spot Therapy, Reflex Therapy and Compression Therapy.

2,000-4,000 years ago, maybe even further back, Reflexology was being practised in India, China and Egypt as recorded in ancient writings and drawings. Here is an interesting Hindu quotation “Disease does not attack one who rubs his feet before bedtime”. In fact, when man went barefoot walking on sand and uneven ground that in itself was considered a reflexology treatment.

Reflexology as we know it today came from Europe almost 100 years ago and has continually grown in popularity. Reflexology has become more gentle, natural, loving and effective treatment. Reflexology is a natural healing art based on the principle that there are reflexes in the head, feet and hands that relate to all parts of the body.

Having a session of Reflexology puts you in a deep state of relaxation, and when you are feeling so relaxed, healing can begin. Regular Reflexology improves quality of life. It is effective, safe, convenient and non invasive.

Reflexology gently and almost without knowing it works to clear what is ailing you from anxiety, depression, headaches, migraines, sleeplessness to pain and disease and much more. Reflexology can and will help any condition you have in one way or another.

As a Reflexology treatment puts you in a relaxed state it improves blood flow, improves circulation, relaxation of mind and body, balances the bodies condition, maintains health and boosts immunity.

During a treatment you may experience headache relief, release of pain, improved organ function, improved digestion and may feel tingly, energized, lighter, more flexible, a clearer positive mind, a release of stress and may even fall asleep during treatment and have an easier time sleeping at night. Some of these benefits you will continue to feel for a few days or longer after your treatment.

Some conditions that could be helped by having reflexology including but limited to, Plantar Fasciitis, any Foot Problem, Fibromyalgia, Menstrual cramps, Headaches, Stress, Memory issues, Sinus problems, Eye conditions, Ear conditions, Dizziness, tinnitus, Shoulder and Neck Stress, Arthritis, Circulatory problems, blood pressure issues, diabetes, Heart conditions, Gall Bladder problems, Sciatica, Shock, Spinal Issues, Stomach problems and Issues with any organ of the body, acute/chronic pain, depression, anxiety, Lymphedema, Lipedema and much, much more.

Since becoming a Reflexologist I have had many satisfied clients, here are some of their reactions after having had a session of Reflexologogy.

1. Feels awesome, needed a treatment, lighter, relaxed, neck loosened, feels great!

2. Neck and shoulder tight-now has loosened, feels better, feels good, really, really relaxed, fell fast to sleep.

3. Feels very relaxed, lighter, floaty, has rosy cheeks, stress free, knee feels better, loose and not throbbing, neck is better and not sore or tight.

4. Feels good, relaxed, lighter, calm, neck and shoulders loosened, no pain, feet feel good!

5. Feels very relaxed, feet less tension, loosened up, neck and shoulders feel relaxed, content and at peace, mind is in a relaxed state.

6. Really enjoyed having Reflexology, felt very relaxed, better, was amazed at how the reflexology made him feel so good.

7. Feels really good, lighter, floating, so relaxed.

8. Feels good, feet loosened up, neck and shoulders feel better, loosened up, more alert, Inflammation in hands has decreased, feels much better.

9. Couldn’t stand up straight, couldn’t get up from laying down or sitting position very well and without pain, couldn’t walk without pain in lower back. After 1 session of Reflexology at a distance could easily get up and could stand straight and walk well all without pain.

10. Hips, neck and shoulders were stiff and now have loosened and feel pretty good, Legs now feel tingly and light, very relaxed, fell fast to sleep.

Reflexology is wonderful, so helpful, so healing and so effective for so many people. I encourage You to look into it for yourself, or for one who is ailing stressed out, or in pain or for any condition, or just to treat yourself or a loved one. You won’t regret it and you will definitely be glad that you did. And If you can’t physically get to see me, I can give you a treatment at a distance.

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