7 of the Most Common Causes of Depression

Depression is demobilizing and it changes you significantly and makes you feel so different on every single level, physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. There are many different causes of depression and likely many more that contribute to depression and anxiety and likely even more than that, which trigger depression and anxiety and relapse.

Here are 7 of the most common causes of depression

  1. Major Depressive Disorder-depressed mood, lack of concentration, changes in sleep and weight, fatigue, thoughts of worthlessness and guilt, thoughts of suicide,
  2. Persistent Depressive Disorder—feelings of anger, sadness, irritability, guilt, low self-esteem, trouble sleeping, lack of Interest and pleasure
  3. Bipolar Disorder-Indecision and disorganization, fatigue, Insomnia, lethargy, unexplained aches and pain, agitation, Irritability, anxiety, feeling of hopelessness, loss of self-esteem
  4. Postpartum Depression-severe mood swings, low mood, sadness, social withdrawal, trouble bonding with baby, feeling inadequate, or worthless, anxiety, panic attacks, feeling helpless and hopeless, feelings of hurting self or baby, thoughts of suicide, appetite changes 
  5. Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder—extreme fatigue, sadness, hopeless or self critical, extreme feelings of stress or anxiety, mood swings with bouts of crying, Irritability, Inability to concentrate, food cravings or binging
  6. Atypical Depression– Excessive eating or weight gain, excessive sleep, fatigue, weakness, a feeling a being weighed down, Intensive sensitivity to rejection, strong reactive mood

I recently interviewed someone who has suffered with much abuse which brought on depression, and mental illness, P.T.S.D, feelings of worthlessness, caused her to suffer a break down, have panic attacks and much more. She says “Depression sucks. you have to find a therapist you can work with, a system and a support group. As well as a good doctor that believes in depression and has studied how to help a patient live with depression.” “I have tricks to cope. and I have my medicine prescribed but it took years of fighting, acknowledging and accepting the fact that I had PTSD childhood trauma.

She told me her worst time with depression is seasonal affective disorder in February. She has a special light to sit under daily to give her Vitamin D back in her system. Watch for a feature on SAD in my new Weekly News starting this week. If you are not signed up for the weekly features you can do so here:

This lady who was finally able to heal from all the abuse, breakdowns, panic attacks, anxiety, mental illness, betrayal, guilt and so much more also found a group called FLY Lady which stands for Finally Loving You. Fly Lady helps 1,000’s of men and women to over come daily life situations. Fly lady helps with the chaos of your life, helps you with a cluttered house, helps to motivate you to help yourself to live a better life and gives you baby steps and how to maintain your home especially if you are having a time and not able to do much if you are feeling overwhelmed and depressed. She said that it helped to nudge her to get her housework done by working in baby steps, with a timer for 15 minutes. Also, making a basic weekly plan with each day and 3 items on a to do list… e.g., get dressed, put on lace up shoes and start with a shiny sink.  These little things FlyLady teaches helped her each day to get off the bed or couch and feel better that something got accomplished.

Here are some more things she learned to do to help herself through a panic/anxiety attack that she wanted to share in hopes that it may help someone else who is suffering:

  • Post notes around the house, on bathroom mirror and places where you can easily see them.
  • Write the name of 1 or 2 friends you can contact on a file card.
  • Have permission from 1 or 2 friends to call on them when ever you need to hear a friendly voice at any time
  • Breath slowly-hold your finger up as if its a candle to blow out, 3x slowly blow out, breath slowly and then turn lights on.
  • Have some cloves in a jar or a bag to breathe in the scent slowly
  • Look around you and ground yourself, focus on what you see. E.g., a blue lamp, a TV. screen a picture or a colour on the wall
  • Call that friend or a help line
  • Sit and try to relax and just focus on your breath
  • Read bible verses or affirmations or a positive card you have made
  • Breath slowly and blow out the candle
  • Go back to bed

What Else Can You Do to Help Yourself?

Therapy can help a lot and finding different ways to get better and to heal is a good step forward. There are natural energy healing therapies that will also help to bring about feeling better, getting back to who you were, and diminishing the guilt, anger, betrayal, panic, pain and much more. These therapies can help you to build self esteem, confidence and believe in yourself along with healing mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually the pain of the past.

Reflexology, Integrated Energy Therapy, Reiki and The Emotion Code are my suggested therapies that can help Individually or in a combination, to help you on the road to recovery and living your best life. If you suffer from depression please reach out and I will customize a personal treatment program for you based on your level of depression and lifestyle so that you can get the best results from natural therapies!

You can choose to have private sessions in my comfortable and cozy space where you can relax and take time for you or I also offer treatments at a distance, where you can receive the same benefits from the comfort of your own home.

I hope that the helpful suggestions, recommendations and stories of others that have depression and anxiety whom have been able to help themselves will give you courage to reach out and get the help you need to take back your life and be free of your past and know It is not your fault so you can love yourself again and enjoy life. Do what resonates with you and experiment until you find what works for you.

Curious about FlyLady? Marla Ciley started the group for herself and friends. In 1999 there were 100 members and then she opened it up on the internet. Now there are thousands of members worldwide still flying and supporting each other. If this resonates with you please visit for more info.

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